Save the Children hands over health skills lab to Hoima Hospital

Monday 22 May 2017

Save the Children, in partnership with the University Research Company (URC), recently handed over a skills training laboratory (lab) to the management of Hoima Regional Referral Hospital. The event took place at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital. 

The Skills Lab is a learning hub under the Hoima Regional Learning Network (RLN), established at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital to address critical gaps among health workers, especially midwives, in providing high-quality maternal and newborn health care. This it does by providing pre and in-service skills training and adaptive learning for frontline health workers operating in health facilities under the catchment area of the Hoima Regional Referral Hospital.

The Hoima Regional Learning Network (RLN) is a network of health facilities (HC III, HC IV, district hospitals, and regional referral hospital) within the catchment area of the Hoima Regional Referral Hospital, linked through quality improvement collaborations and referral to provide quality maternal and newborn health care services based on national standards and guidelines.

The RLN was established by Save the Children in partnership with URC and with oversight from the Ministry of Health, as a pilot initiative to put in action the various commitments by the Government of Uganda to improve the survival and health of mothers and newborn babies by providing high quality maternal and newborn health care in facilities. The commitments are embodied in national policies and strategies such as the National Roadmap for Maternal and Newborn Survival, the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) Sharpened Plan, the National Child Survival Strategy, and the National Development Plan (NDP) II, among others.

The Skills Lab has been furnished with equipment that includes a phototherapy unit, CPAPS, electric suction machines and suction catheters, equipment carts, neonatalies, Kangaroo Mother Care job aides, oxygen concentrators, resuscitation tables and pulse oximeters, among others.  This investment is worth over UGX150,000,000 (150 million Uganda shillings - 1 USD is equivalent to about UGX3,500), and so far 185 health workers have undergone training in the Lab. The trainers are specialists from Hoima Regional Referral Hospital and URC.  Once trained, Save the Children and URC staff follow up the health workers at their facilities to carry out monitoring and offer mentorship. A significant reduction in the deaths and illnesses of newborn babies and mothers is expected. 

By Richard Mayanja

Knowledge Management Coordinator, Saving Newborn Lives Program