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Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world. More than half of its 37 million people are children – which provides exciting potential for a dynamic future.

After years of conflict and insecurity, there has been some considerable progress. More children are in school and fewer are dying of preventable illnesses.

But many children, especially in rural areas, still live in poverty and without their basic rights.

Essential services such as schools and health facilities are overcrowded and under-resourced. Laws and policies have been passed that could make a positive difference to children's lives, but are seldom resourced or enforced. Rural youth struggle to find decent work.

Uganda hosts almost 1.4 million refugees fleeing some of the world's worst conflicts – one of the largest numbers in the world. More than 60% are children. The country has shown great generosity in opening its doors, but the influx has further increased the strain on services and more support is needed.

Teacher and school children.

We have worked in Uganda since 1959 and have programmes throughout the country. We work in partnerships with communities, the government, civil society and the private sector, to deliver programmes that have a lasting impact, inspire change and uphold children’s rights. Our work supports long-term development and humanitarian emergencies, and bridges the gap between the two.

Education: We improve access to quality learning, by training teachers, building infrastructure, providing equipment and promoting inclusive education. We also run early learning programmes for children under six and help older children who dropped out of school to return to education.

Health & Nutrition: We support rural clinics to improve maternal and newborn health, by providing equipment, medicine and training. We run feeding programmes for malnourished children and mothers, promote breastfeeding, and provide sexual and reproductive health information to adolescents.

Child Protection & Child Rights Governance: We support children to know and demand their rights, and to raise their voices to people in power. We help strengthen local and national child protection systems, make schools and other facilities safer, and provide safe spaces for the most vulnerable children.

Youth Livelihoods & Child Poverty: We help families escape the cycle of poverty, through a range of vocational training and equipping youth with the skills they need to earn a sustainable income. We support community savings and loans groups to invest for the future and set up small businesses.

Last year our work in Uganda directly reached 440,000 people, including 300,000 children, and indirectly benefited a further one million.

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Plot 2163, Dadiri Close, Muyenga (off Tank Hill Road)
P.O. Box 12018, Kampala – Uganda

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Tel: +256 (0)393 260063

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