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26 June 2023 - News

Suspected UXO at Moroto Regional Office

Flash Security IncidentSave the Children was concerned about an object suspected to be an unexploded ordinance (UXO). The object was suspected to had been laying buried for some time and was discovered during the excavation process for one of the buildings under construction in our Moroto field Office compound on 21st June 2023.

Police promptly cordoned off the area awaiting bomb experts to ascertain if it was a bomb and dispose it off. The bomb squad on 23rd June 2023 confirmed that the object was NOT an UXO although it had similar features. The team combed the premises and declared it safe.

 We would like to confirm that all our staff are safe and the situation remains calm with normal work ongoing.

 “Save the Children is committed to ensure that our staff and the children and communities we work with are safe. We are grateful for the prompt support from the police, and will continue working with the police and security teams to ensure our areas of operation are safe.”, said Dragana Strinic, Country Director.